Champagne Artéis & Co Vintage

Artéis & Co and its wines were imagined to respond to the avant-garde international life enthusiasts desire to experience alternatives to mainstream luxury champagne brands, hence the creation of solely three micro-cuvées.

The three micro-cuvées have been…

  • • Developed using high quality wines provided by artisans-vignerons
  • • Dressed by contemporary, elegant and minimalist design
  • • Exclusively distributed to hand selected accounts

Champagne Jean Diot

Terroir and grape-varieties

Since this famous Saint John’s Day 1958, Champagne Jean Diot has been based in Vinay, a village
located south-east of Epernay.
Champagne Jean Diot has composed a vineyard stretching over the South Slopes of Epernay and the
Right Bank of Vallée de la Marne. So, 75% of its vines are spread out between its native village, Vinay,
and the neighbouring one: Moussy. Besides the grapes provided by its vineyard, Jean-Philippe also get
some from family members as a complement of his production.
In Jean Diot vineyard, vines are 35 years old on average and bear the three traditional grape varieties
of Champagne: Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.
So, as his father Jean did, Jean-Philippe Diot exploits this terroir and the range of aromas of its grape
varieties to create original cuvees.


Joh. Bapt. Schäfer

Following a long time of hard work to reach this milestone, in 2013 our winery finally became a member of the Association of German Prädikat Wine Estates (Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter – VDP), the first estate from the Nahe region to become a new member in twelve years. However, the fact that we have successfully joined the ranks of Germany’s top producers certainly does not mean that we are going to rest on our laurels now.

We aim to further improve the quality of our wines with each vintage. The wines should increasingly express the immense potential of our excellent vineyard sites and become more specific and full of character.

Today I, Sebastian Schäfer, am in charge of our winery, which has been family-run for four generations. My passion and ambition to become one of the best was already recognized in 2001, when I had the good fortune of being awarded the title of “Young Winemaker of the Year”. These days, our wines win awards and receive the highest ratings because they are full of character and we do not compromise on quality. This makes us proud. And we intend to keep up the good work.

Le Domaine du Pré Semelé est situé à Maimbray sur la commune de Sury-en-Vaux à 5 km au nord de Sancerre.

Le vignoble est transmis depuis maintenant 4 générations et nous tenons à rester une structure familiale.

Nous sommes actuellement 2 frères sur le domaine, Julien et Clément Raimbault, où nous cultivons 20 ha sur l’appellation Sancerre dans le plus grand respect de nos terroirs.

Les 20 ha du Domaine sont principalement situé sur les coteaux de Maimbray et Sury-en-Vaux mais également à moins grande échelle sur les communes de Verdigny et Menetou-Ratel.

Les terroirs y sont argilo- calcaires dont 70% sont des terres blanches (marnes kimméridjiennes) et 30% des caillottes (calcaire du portlandien).

Nous cultivons nos vignes de façon très raisonnée à tendance biologique, Les inter-rangs sont enherbés et nous cultivons mécaniquement sous les pieds de vigne, cela présente l’avantage de faire plonger les racines de la vigne au cœur du terroir c’est à dire dans le calcaire ou elle va y trouver tous les minéraux nécessaire à son bon développement.

Une grande partie des travaux sont manuels y compris les vendanges pour les rouges (en caisses).

Les blancs eux, sont vendangés mécaniquement excepté la cuvée Zeste et Chasseignes.

Tout au long du cycle végétatif de la plante nous supprimons des bourgeons (ébourgeonnage) ainsi que des raisins (vendanges en vert) afin de limiter les rendements, ainsi qu’à la vendange nous trions pour ne garder que le meilleur.