ICI Gin Brut Rosé

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ICI Gin Brut Rosé

44% – 375 ml.

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ICI Gin Brut Rosé

44% –  375 ml.

Imagined by Fabien, Conceived by The Bassets, Inspired by Artéis & Co. That’s ICI Gin. ICI Gin is an exclusive collaboration between Fabien Gay of the champagne house Artéis & Co and Hildegard and Bass of The Bassets Craft Distillery.

What is so special about this luxury gin, because that’s how you can definitely call this gin?
ICI gin is so special because the top champagne from Artéis & Co, Brut Rosé 2008 was also used to reduce the alcohol percentage to 44%. So the real stuff is in it. And this is very unique. Probably never done before!

The delicate aroma and flavor profile of this Artéis & Co Brut Rosé 2008 champagne was the starting point for The Guys from the Distillery in the final choice of the different herbs and fruits to be distilled.

Initially the bottles were intended for family and relations of Artéis & Co. Only 360 bottles produced. A very special collectors item. So hurry …

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